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Fraud Prevention

We have industry leading suite of Fraud Prevention capabilities. Our Platform includes a comprehensive suite of world-class fraud prevention and risk management tools. We have integrated multiple fraud detection services with our eCheck processing capabilities. This allows you to accept more payments from more people across all 50 states in United States with complete confidence.

The transactions submitted are reviewed in real-time per industry best practices, incorporating hundreds of data points into the analysis. Given that our platform has integrated fraud-fighting technology, no additional verification is needed at your end.

Comprehensive Risk Verification

We provide industry's most comprehensive Risk Verification suite. Unlike many of our competitors, we provide this as a default to all our clients at no extra cost. We are also one of the very few service providers who facilitate automated or customized voice-verification, depending upon your preference. The payments submitted on our platform are also verified through emails and texts, where applicable and feasible.  

To our high-risk industry clients our Risk Verification focus and industry leading practices provide a wall of safety and assurance allowing them the time and confidence to cater their business and customers. This in turn provides them the opportunity to grow their business faster than what they could otherwise. 

Secure Data Management

Our platform stores your customers’ information on our secure servers. Simplify your compliance for returning customers. You want to provide returning customers with the convenience of not having to re-enter their personal data every time they visit your web site.

With our platform you don’t need to worry about recording your customer information in various places or a separate CRM. You can simply export it to Excel or CSV file for any marketing or reporting purposes as often as you need to. This not only minimizes your customer data management but it also makes it significantly more secure.

Integrated Reporting

Our platform provides you high degree of customization. You can sift through the data in various ways and search on any data point. It allows you to generate reports for all your reporting and tracking purposes. You can refresh these reports as often as you need to. 

As our client, you also have the option to enter additional information on our platform such as that of payment returns, thus making our platform a fully integrated reporting platform. You can generate details of any payment by simply clicking on the eCheck number thereby eliminating the need to navigate across various tabs.  

Prompt Processing

Even with hundreds of data-points being verified and multiple risk management tools built into our platform, we have a highly prompt processing. Most of the payments submitted are processed within 48 hours. This means that you get your money faster without having to wait for days or even weeks which you see with some other operators in the industry.

Instant Updates

Our platform provides you instant updates as your payments go through various stages of verification and processing. Equally importantly, you can get email alerts on all the changes happening with each payment as it moves from submission to verification to processing. This eliminates any need to guess or to do multiple follow ups with us. With our platform you are always in control. Empowered by the instant update tools that we provide, you can follow up with your customers in place of chasing us to get the updates.

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